LOT 1565
SOLD €220,00

[Magic lantern slides] Collection of more than 50 glass slides,

all but a few coloured, mostly in wooden frames, for various sizes of lanterns, incl. 2 defect slides from ca. 1800 and with 19 movable slides.

Contains e.g.: (1-3) A handpainted set of 3 slides (6 x 26.5 cm.) with 4 images each (subject e.g. death, an angel, mythological creatures and medieval figures); (4) A movable slide of a drinking man whose belly expands enormously (8 x 16 cm.); (5) A movable slide in which a man is served the head of animal, after sliding the heads of the animal and the server have changed places (8 x 22 cm.); (6-9) Four movable slides with each on the wooden frame the printed label of the producer "E.P." and stamped name J.A.N. Ballintijn, with titles "No. 5. Der unglückliche Kellner", "No. 7. Schneider und Ziegenbock", "No. 11. Der Gänsejunge" and "No. 49. Schnüffelmeier" (rotating, the face of the man slowly extends to grotesque proportions); (10) A movable slide with rotating mechanism which operates a seesaw with two children in front of a house; (11-13) Three movable slides with metal holder, incl. with scene of a pipe-smoking man whose eyes turn in every direction (total more than 50).

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