LOT 563

[Belgium. Loan letters] Collection of 25 uniform loan letters on vellum,

all with stamp with crowned arms with Flemish lion and tax "4 s.", dated 1708 (2x, both with names Caperans and Leclercq and with paper seal), 1714/ 1715 (12x/ 6x, all with names Herlegem and Meyer, those from 1714 all with wax seal) and 1730 (5x, with names Ameye and de Crane), mostly 3-4 p. but 5x with 7-8 p. (cordbound, several with middle bifolium of paper), 15 x 17 and (1730:) 27 x 19 cm.

Signed/ sealed e.g. by F. van Crombrugghe (1708), Baron de Beer (1714), J. van den Berge (1715), and Gerard François de Bels "Bailliu der Prochie ende Barronnie van Sinte Eloys". Concerning loans at Waeken, Spieghelt and Sint Eloois, among other subjects. The name Charles Donatius Frans van Handion or Charles Jean Dominicq graeve van Handion appears in most loan letters.

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