LOT 585

Wax seal collection

Inset file with 70 wax seals. 18th-/19th-century, from 1781. Mostly on (parts of) the original, addressed envelopes (partly to C.C.H. van der Aa, Maatschappij der Wetenschappen, Haarlem), c. 1780.

Seals of e.g. C. Bilgen Smithausen, J.R. Daman, Prof. Gruner, J.G. Herbig, Graaf van Herzberg, J.F. Martinet, C.P. Schacht, P.S. Kok, W. Allart, J.G. Loten, C.A. Kloekhof en Ploos van Amstel, G.F. Baron thoe Schwartzenberg en Hohenlansberg, de Heer van Rijswijk and seals of Ameland, Doetinchem, Assendelft, Leeuwarden, Schoterland etc.

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