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[Encyclopedia] Étude sur le Transformisme, Dumoulin + Dictionnaire de Botanique I-III

Elephant folio of 90 x 68.5 cm., 86 leaves. Written in Belgium, c. 1924-1935. Unique encyclopedia of biology (animal kingdom) and geography in several hundreds of entries, written for scientific purposes and academic use. Illustrated with numerous coloured pen drawings.

Author probably associated with the University of Liège. Has added several entries on Belgian history (Battle of Waterloo, WWI, Congo). Black leather binding, consisting of several planes with printed text. Written on sheets of paper of highly varying thickness, quality and size, bound and later also pasted. Added at the end 7 folding plates of various sizes, the largest 260 x 147.5 cm. Many loose sheets between the pages: additions to entries, letters, table of contents. In the middle a seal: ‘Emile Dumoulin, librairie d’occasion, Herstal’. With: Dictionnaire de Botanique. Tome I, II, III, Dumoulin, c. 1924-32. Three vols., in folio 36.5 x 25.5 x 10 cm. Encyclopedia of botany in several hundreds of handwritten entries, accompanied by numerous coloured pen drawings in variously coloured calligraphy ink. Black leather binding with gilt title on spine. Leaves of various sizes and quality bound together. Several unfinished entries. On all aspects of organisms in the world of plants and fungi, also addressed bio-scientific questions and hypotheses. Vol. III with subtitle ‘Evolution des Vertebrés’, this book part is added at the end.

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