LOT 487

[Botanica] Loudon. Encyclopedia 1822, 1836, 1869, 1878

An Encyclopaedia of Gardening; comprising the theory and practice of Horticulture, arboriculture, and landscape-gardening. J.C. Loudon. Illustrated with nearly six hundred engravings on wood by Branston. London, Longman [et al.], 1822. 2 volumes. Used copies + Idem. New edition. Edited by Mrs. Loudon. 1878 + An Encyclopaedia of Plants; (...) All the plants indigenous, cultivated in, or introduced to Britain (...) with figures of nearly ten thousand species. J.C. Loudon. Longman [et al.], 1836 + An Encyclopaedia of trees and shrubs (...) The hardy trees and shrubs of Britain (...) with engravings of nearly all the species. J.C. Loudon. London, Frederick Warne and Co., 1869.

All used copies. Sold w.a.f. (total 5)

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