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[Brabant] Ten maps: (1) Brabantiae Ducatus in suas Praefecturas

Eleganter Distinctus (...). Amst., Petrus Schenck. ca. 1720. 60 x 49 cm. Large allegorical cartouche w. dedication Dno Harmanno de Wilde, chiliarchae Trajecti ad Mosam and his coat of arms. Partly glued on cardboard, some paper missing outside the map image.

(2) Partie Septentrionale du Duché de Brabant. H. Paris, Jaillot, 1720. 48 x 78 cm. Fold. in middle, sides w. tears and missing paper outside the map image. -and 8 other Brabant maps in various conditions w. a.o. a Visscher and a Hondius map. 17th to 19th cent. Sold w.a.f.,not subject to return. (total 10)

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