LOT 1459

[South America. Indigenous peoples] (1) Portraits of Peru's Incan emperors

Engr. incorporating oval portraits of 14 Incan emperors, followed by 8 Spanish emperors of the country. 52.5 x 59 cm, after Didacus Villanova, dated 1748 in the plate. Present in 2 copies, 1 fold. and w. the right margin trimmed inside the plate-mark but otherwise in very fine condition, the other one fully mounted, trimmed to the borderline and w. sm. marg. tear. Interesting portrait gallery, starting w. the 1st Incan emperor Manco-Capac up to the 14th emperor Atahualpa, then followed by the Spanish emperors Carlos I up to Fernando VI (in the centre). (2-3) "Atabalipa, roy du Peru". "Motzume, roy de Mexique". Two engr. portraits, both 17.5 x 14.5 cm, on folio lvs. 641 and 644 from André Thévet, Pourtraits et Vies des Hommes Illustres, vol. 3, Paris, 1584. W. the text lvs. 642, 643 and 645.

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