LOT 90

L'ami de la jeunesse

Deuxième série, vol. IV-VI and VII, no. 1-6. Paris, J.-J. Risler and (from vol. VI, no 10 onwards) J.-R. Delay, n.d. (1838-1841), 4 vols. in 42 parts (= 12/ 12/ 12/ 6 (of 12?) parts) w. continuous pagination per vol., (32 p. per part, 380 p. per volume, vol. VII up to page 192), w. woodcut title-ills. and ills. in the text, orig. unif. threadbound printed wr., 16mo, the complete vols. w. (orig.?) silk ribbon to keep the parts together.

With scattered tax stamps. Vol. V erroneously bound in 2 identical wr. The vols. IV-VI each with halftitle, general title (dated 1838-1840) and general index at the end of part 12. Rare in this form, complete as issued as if coming straight from the printing office. (total 42)

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