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Chinese propaganda, 28 books and booklets

Ca. 1950-90, mostly children's books, incl. 11 English language vols. issued by the Foreign Languages Press in Peking and 10 vols. in Chinese. (1) Chairman Mao Tse-Tung is the red sun in our hearts. Peking, Guozi Shudian (China Publications Centre), ca. 1966, two text lvs followed by 8 photogr. portraits of Mao, loose as issued in the orig. paper portfolio, folio. (2) Mao Tse-Tung. On practice. On the relation between knowledge and practice, between knowing and doing. Peking, Foreign Languages Press, 1966, (4),21,(1) p., orig. stapled wr. Loosely inserted press photogr., a portrait of Mao, by Photo Keystone in Paris (1957). (3) Aap verslaat de Witte-Knekel-Geest. Monkey Subdues the White-Bone Demon. Adapt. by Wang Hsing-pei, Dutch transl. M. Beumer. Amst., Real Free Press, 1971, 110 p., w. ills. after Chao Hung-pen and Chien Hsiao-tai, orig. wr. w. dust wr., 4to. -and 25 others.

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