LOT 1176

Bleekrode, M. (1896-1943). Fourteen various items: (1) Tempel, J. v.d. and A.W. IJzerman

Socialisme of chaos (or Chaos of socialisme). Drie maanden van parlementairen strijd in dagen van crisis en nood. Amst., Partijbestuur der S.D.A.P., (1932), 24 p. (incl. wr.), orig. stapled photomontage wr. by Bleekrode (monogrammed in the technique). (2) Stokvis, J.E. Een koloniale schande. Amst., idem, (1926), 24 p. (incl. wr.), orig. stapled wr. des. by Bleekrode (monogrammed in the technique). Wr. split on spine, almost loose. (3) Boycot-krant. Hitler-Duitschland. Eischt volledige boycot. Versterkt de O.S.P. Amst., Federatie A'dam der Onafh. Soc. Partij, Juli 1933, 4 p., front wr. des. by Bleekrode (monogrammed in the technique). Cf. Van Lakenveld (ed.), Meijer Bleekrode. Schilder, ontwerper, socialist 1896-1943 (1983), illustration 69, depicting a poster w. the same design (a copy of the reference work is present in the collection). (4) Miranda. No 1 van lijst 3 SDAP. Alléen het puntje vóór den naam Miranda rood maken, dan stemt u goed. Flyer printed in red and black on 1 side only, 14.5 x 9.5 cm (signed in the technique). -and 8 other sm. publications. Added: Approx. 90 socialist/ anti-militarist booklets, brochures, flyers, periodicals etc., incl. very nicely designed items, fine photomontages, a few items on the Spanish Civil War and a booklet w. nice isotypes.

(total approx. 100 in 2 boxes)

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