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Posters. Nine works on (psychedelic) rock posters: (1) High Societies

Psychedelic Rock Posters of Haight-Ashbury. San Diego, San Diego Museum of Art, 2001. 89 p. Sc w. dust-j. (2) High Art. A History of the Psychedelic Poster. London, Sanctuary, 1999. 175 p. Sc. (3) Drate, S. Swag. Rock Posters of the '90s. New York, Abrams, 2003. 160 p. Sc. (4) McClelland, G. Rick Griffin. Ibid., Perigee, 1980. 95 p. Sc. (5) Mouse & Kelley. Limpsfield, Dragon's World, 1979. 127 p. Sc. Bookblock loose. -and 4 others.

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