LOT 1525


Algemeene rekening wegens de ramp van Leyden, 12 januarij 1807. Ontwikkeld in vier en zeventig staten, en voorafgegaan van eene memorie van toelichting, vergezeld van dire en twintig bijlagen, W.P. Kluit en C.J. Wenckebach. 'S Gravenhage, ter Algemeene Lands-drukkerij, 1833. 290 pp. Large 4to, rebound with new endpapers and using orig. spine and sides.

The gunpowder explosion in Leiden took the lives of 151 people, over 2000 were injured and 220 houses became unhabitable or complete destroyed. The explosion was heard in The Hague. King Louis Napoleon quickly arrived on the scene and led the rebuilding of the city with a dedication unusual for the time. He spent a significant amount of his own funds, and ordered his physician and thousands of soldiers to help. Throughout the country people donated to the cause and a total of 2 million guilders were collected. The logistics of this operation must have been enormous. This report gives an overview of every gifted penny, where it was gifted and where it went. It took 15 years after the disaster before the reports of all municipalities could be bundled; it took another 11 years for this edition to come into existence.

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