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2420-2437 Second World War


veiling / Auction 25. Session V. Fine Arts, Comics, Erotica, WW2, Sports, Toys, Ephemera and Picture postcards, Posters, Various
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kavel: 2420
Heinrich Hoffmann (1885-1957)
-Lot of 11 original gelatin silver photos by Hoffmann Presse, c. 1939-1942. Each 13 x 18 cm and stamped on verso. (1) Official portrait of Joachim von Ribbentrop; (2) Official portrait of Heinrich Himmler; (3) Official portrait of Rudolf Hess; (4) Horst Wessel; (5) Official portrait of Hermann Göring; (6) Official portrait of a nazi officer (probably Friedrich Jeckeln); (7) "So empfing Berlin den Führer"; (8) "Als Sieger durchs Brandenburger Tor"; (9) "Der Führer und Mussolini an der Ostfront"; (10) "Der Führer bei der SS-Standarte 'Deutschland'"; (11) "Nach der Rede des Führers". Added: (12) "Reichsminister Dr. Goebbels vollendet am 29. Okt.1942 sein 45. Lebensjahr".-

verkocht € 500.00
kavel: 2421
[Press photography] Dutch fascist regime 1939-1945
-16 original WWII gelatin silver press photos in different sizes. Incl. Anton Mussert (3x), Seyss-Inquart (5x, portraits and several other occasions like the Raid against Bolsheviks on 27 June 1941 at the "IJsclubterrein" in Amsterdam), Van Geelkerken during a radio speech, the last honours to fallen Dutch and German soldiers during the Battle of Rotterdam in 1940 and a parade in The Hague in honour of Japanese ambassador General Oshima, 1941.-

verkocht € 400.00
kavel: 2422
[Press photography] Aviation
-35 gelatin silver press photos of mostly German fighter planes in airspace. Various sizes, mostly stamped on verso (Vereenigde Photobureaux Amsterdam, Fotobureau Holland, Amsterdam, etc.). Added: 11 original press photos of ships during wartime, mostly English.-

verkocht € 200.00
kavel: 2423
[Press photography] Nuremberg trials
-Lot with 24 original press photos of war criminals and witnesses during the Nuremberg trials. Incl. Göring, Karl Frank, Hess, Brandt, Ohlendorf. On verso stamp "Associated Press" and typed caption in Dutch. Added: another 17 photos of WWII war criminals, incl. "Some of the S.S. women guards at Belsen", "Trial Japanese war criminals", "Max Blokzijl laatste rede voor het bijzonder gerechtshof in den Haag Sept '45". Stamped Anefo on verso and The case of Franz Karmasin and Ferdinand Durcansky, incl. a 3-page typed document on the case.-

verkocht € 380.00
kavel: 2424
[Press photography] Lot with 16 press photos related to WWII
-Incl. Heinrich Himmler "Geburtstag des Reichsführers", 1940. 17 x 22.5 cm. Stamps on verso "Atlantic", "Fotobureau Holland" and "De Geïllustreerde Pers Archief" and a mounted description for press release + Proclamation of war at Royal Exchange, London, Sept. 4th 1939 + Hitler during the speech at the Kroll Opera 1939 announcing that "the problem Poland was to be settled" + Russian soldiers captured by the Nazis - and 11 more.-

verkocht € 240.00
kavel: 2425
[Press photography] Great Britain
-Lot with 19 press photos, 1936-1949, gelatin silver, all stamped on verso "Fotobureau Holland", size mostly 19 x 14 cm: (1) Von Ribbentrop goes to Buckingham Palace to present his credentials, 1936; (2-3) Chamberlain and Hitler at the Konferenz von Godesberg, 1938; (4) Chamberlain's birthday wave, London, 1940; (5-6) British fascist politician Oswald Mosley, London, 1948-49; (7-19) 12 photos of British soldiers and R.A.F. men.-

verkocht € 160.00
kavel: 2426
Winterhulp Nederland
-Mostly rare printed ephemera from the war years, such as government flyers with instructions, announcements, coupons, typed or stencilled letters, social security requests, lottery items etc.-

verkocht € 240.00
kavel: 2427
[Florentine Rost van Tonningen] "Compact Video Recording. Tekst info. RvT biografie."
-Matrix print, c. 1990, 145 numbered A4 lvs. printed on 1 side, with corrections and accents (by Florrie Rost van Tonningen?) in ballpoint, in plastic clip binder.-
€ 100 - € 200
kavel: 2428
± 50 items: (1) Het drama van de bezetting. Door A. den Doolaard
-Naar ideeën van Carel Briels. Op te voeren op 31 augustus 1945 in het Stadion te Amsterdam. Algemeene en artistieke leiding: Carel Briels. Stencilled text, 24 lvs. in A4 size, printed on one side only, stapled.-

verkocht € 70.00
kavel: 2429
[Airborne forces] Kreta. Sieg der Kühnsten
-Vom Heldenkampf der Fallschirmjäger. General der Flieger Student. Graz, Steirische Verlagsanstalt, 1942. Unpaginated. Halfcloth. With loosely added magazine and newspaper clippings from the 1940s and a typed report from 1943 of trial jumps made from the Heinkel He 111 and the Junkers Ju 52, two German aircraft used in WWII. Lacks the page with the emblem of the Fallschirmjäger and the facing page + Schönheit im Olympischen Kampf. Leni Riefenstahl. Berlin, Deutscher Verlag, 1937. 281 pp. Gilt cloth.-

verkocht € 110.00
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