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veiling / Auction 27 - Session I Children's books, Paper Toys, Manuscripts, Old Books, Militaria / 710-731 Old Books 17th-19th Century: Law
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Hugo Grotius. Three titles: (1) Verhael vande heeren joncker Adrian van Mathenes,

heere van Riviere, Opmeer, Does etc. Hugo Muys van Holy (...) meester Hugo de Groot (...), mijn heeren de Staten van Hollant ende West-Vrieslant, in hare vergaderinge gehouden april sesthien-hondert sesthien gedeputeert (...). The Hague, H. Iacobssz., 1616, (2),103 pp., loose in later wr., 4to.
Waterst.; title browned/ soiled; many lvs. w. contemp. annotation "NB" in pen. Ter Meulen & Diermanse, B.G., 844; Knuttel 2248. Account of a delegation of the States General, sent to Amsterdam in 1616, to submit to the municipality the opinion of the States concerning a united Reformation. Grotius was the spokesman, and the greater part of the "Verhael' comprises the printed version of his speech. Muys van Holy was later one of Grotius' judges, Mathenes one of his defenders. (2) Inleiding tot de Hollandsche rechts-geleertheyt (...). Haarlem, A. Roman, 1636, (4),282,(1) p., w. engr. title-p., woodcut portrait of Rombout Hogerbeets on divisional title (p. 262) and woodcut portrait of Erasmus at the end, contemp. overlapping vellum w. later title in pen on spine, sm. 4to. Waterst. in upper margin (at the beginning also in lower blank margin); lacks first free endpaper; portrait of Erasmus w. repaired blank corner; with several old owner's entries in pen, incl. "(...) Van Aitzema" (on halftitle, crossed out) and "M.J. ter Haseborg Jur. Rom. Cons. 1832" (on lower pastedown). Rare, early edition. The halftitle reads: Inleydinghe tot de Hollandsche rechts-gheleerdheydt. -and (3) 1 other. (total 3)
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