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veiling / Auction 27 - Session II Amsterdam, Topography, Cartography, Comics and Comic Arts, Photography and Photo books, Asia and Asian Arts / 910-960 Topography: The Netherlands
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kavel: 919 verkocht € 190.00

[Utrecht city] Collection of ca 80 (col.) views and historical prints

17th-19th century, various techniques and sizes.
Interesting collection, partly because it gives an insight in the many possible variations of the same subject or how the same original drawing was used by many publishers in their own printed copies of it, folded or unfolded, in different editions, on chine-collé or not, differently numbered etc. Comprising a.o. (1-3) The same etched profile view from 3 different oblong 4to editions of Guicciardini (ca. 1600); (4-7) The same etched view of an historic battle under king Philps II in 3 variants w. text in Dutch, French and Latin in oblong 4to size from Baudartius (1616) and the same view again on a folio leaf from Bor, "Oorspronck der Nederlantsche Beroerten" (ca. 1625); (8-9) "The City of Utrecht". Engr. profile view in 2 variants w. the same title (17th cent.); (10-11) "Het Kasteel Vredenburg", the same lithographed view by L. Samyn on chine-collé and on normal paper; (12-16) "Het afdanken der Waardgelders door Prins Maurits te Utrecht in 1618", 5 different variations of the subject (engr., steel-engr. and in (col.) lithography); (17-18) Two variations of the same fine view of the centre of Utrecht in aquatint and in stipple-engraving; (19-20) "L'eglise metropolitaine de Saint Martin a Utrecht"; The same view by Devel handcol. and uncol. and in another uncoloured variation. Also comprising a fine historical etching by Romeyn de Hooghe (1672) and a number of fine (steel-)engr. or (col.) lithographed views, several in a few variations. Sold as a collection of prints, not subject to return (total ca. 80).
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