16th to 19th Century: Lots 910 - 950

LOT 910
€100,00 - €200,00
Gruz, H. Motifs de Peinture Decorative pour Appartements Modernes

Paris, Liège and Berlin, C. Claesen, ca. 1860. 56 (of 61) (chromolithogr.) plates, incl. decorative title-p., all loose as issued. Orig. (very worn) hcl. portfolio. Folio.

LOT 911
€800,00 - €1200,00
Diversa Aedificia inventa et delineata ad D. Jeronimo Nypho, atque sculpta a P. de Jode

Antwerp, 1658. Engr. title by M. vanden Enden and P. de Jode, a beautiful collection of 41 copper engr. and etchings of buildings, landscapes, some numb. in the plate, all numb....

LOT 912
€100,00 - €200,00
Lot of 85 drawings showing architectural designs

Mostly late 19th/ early 20th cent., var. techniques and sizes (incl. very large drawings). Incl. some manuscripts and prints. Interesting collection, depicting a wide variety of...

LOT 913
€100,00 - €200,00
Burg, P. van der. Handboek voor den schilder, de hout- en marmer- nabootsing

Leiden, S.W. Sijthoff, n.d. (ca. 1885). 36 (col.) lithogr. plates picturing marble and wood samples, brushes and other painters' tools. Sl. later (worn) half leather w. marbled paper boards. Folio.

LOT 914
€500,00 - €1000,00
Bakker Korff, A.H. (1824-82). Interior scene with the artist's sisters

Oil on panel. Monogrammed 'B.K' bottom left. Ca. 1860s. 25 x 33.5 cm. Framed.

LOT 915
€300,00 - €600,00
Callot, J. Misère de la guerre

faict par Jacques Callot. Mise en lumiere par Israel Henriet. Amst., C. Allard, ca. 1700. (Orig. publ. Paris, 1636). Title engr (nr. 1) and 11 war scenes, numb. 2-12, copper engr....

LOT 916
€100,00 - €200,00
Collection of 80 miscellaneous prints natural history, caricature and costumes

Var. techniques and sizes. Mostly 19th cent. A nice collection, comprising a.o. a series of 7 handcol. lithogr. plates of var. animals w. human heads, from The comic natural history...

LOT 917
€70,00 - €120,00
Daumier, H. (1808-79). Eight lithographs

All monogr. in the plate, all approx. 35 x 20 cm. (1) Série petit 196 'La famille d'Arg pendant l'orage', 1833. (2) Locataires et proprietaires. (3) Le véritable lutteur masqué....

LOT 918
€100,00 - €200,00
Daumier, H. (1808-79). Fourteen lithographs from Le Charivari's Actualités series

All cut out from newspapers and mounted on paper w. sellotape. All approx. 35 x 25 cm. Some titles: "Le docteur Véron refusant toute espèce de consolation", "Le Festin de Baltazar-Véron",...

LOT 919
€70,00 - €120,00
Daumier, H. (1808-79). Nine lithographs

(1) Four from the "Tout ce qu'on voudra" series. Some titles: "Confrère méfiez-vous du petit baron" and "La cinquième acte à la Gaîté". (2) Two from the "Professeurs et moutards"...

LOT 920
€70,00 - €120,00
Daumier, H. (1808-79). Nine lithographs

(1) Four from the "Locataires et propriétaires" series. Some titles: "Locataires noctambules" and "Un locataire qui a eu un oubli le 1er janvier". (2) Two from "Les bons bourgeois"...

LOT 921
€200,00 - €400,00
Tavern scene, 18th century

Oil on wood. 68 x 51 cm. In gilded wooden frame.

LOT 922
€500,00 - €1000,00
Eerelman, O. (1839-1926). Portrait of a girl in regional costume

1906. Crayon on paper. Signed and dated bottom right. 27 x 23.5 cm, in modern frame under glass, 54 x 45 cm.

LOT 923
€80,00 - €150,00
Fifteen handcoloured prints from J. Cats' works

From an unidentified ed. (eds.?) of Cats' work(s). All tipped-in under passepartouts, var. sizes (cut pages).

LOT 924
€500,00 - €1000,00
Fargue, P.C. la (1729-1782). Funeral procession of Anna van Hannover

Complete set of 16 full-p. engr. plates by S. Fokke (1712-1784) after P.C. La Fargue (1729-1782) showing the funeral procession for Anna van Hannover (Swiss guards, riflemen, heralds,...

LOT 925
€100,00 - €200,00
Fishing in the river

Ludovic (?), ca. 1885. Chromolithographic plate in 4 parts, mounted on cardboard. 72 x 54.5 cm.

LOT 926
€200,00 - €400,00
Collection of ephemera relating to nineteenth century French art

Over 200 business cards, invitations, flyers, brochures, catalogue greeting cards, New Year's wishes etc. of mainly Parisian art dealers, painting conservators, architects, designers,...

LOT 927
€2500,00 - €4000,00
Galle, P. Venationis Piscationis et aucupii typi

Antwerp, (1582). Title engr. w. caption below and complete w. 47 numb. copper engr. w. captions below of fishing and hunting scenes, superbly engr. by Galle after H. Bol. Later...

LOT 928
€80,00 - €160,00
Watertochtjes. Reisgids Fop Smit & Co

Geïllustreerd door Hollandsche Meesters, leden van Pulchri Studio. Leiden, Van Doesburgh/ Rott., J. Vürtheim, 1896. Cl. 23 x 17 cm. Portfolio w. time table, calendar leaf des....

LOT 929
€300,00 - €400,00
Hals, F., after. Portrait of Hendrik Swalmius

Dutch school, 18th cent., after Hals' orig. 1649 painting. Oil on wood. 27 x 26 cm. In wooden frame.

LOT 930
€250,00 - €500,00
Haverman, H.J. (1857-1928). Portrait of Louis Bouwmeester

1897. Crayon and pencil on paper. Signed and dated in ink top right. 33.5 x 25 cm, in (dam.) wooden frame (dam.) under glass, 55 x 44 cm.

LOT 931
€200,00 - €400,00
Howitt, S. (1756-1822). Album of animal etchings

London, E. Orne, 1809-10. 53 fine etchings, most dated and captioned. Hcalf w. marbled boards, gilt title on spine, t.e.g. Obl. folio.

LOT 932
€70,00 - €120,00
Bruyn, N. de (after). Drawings of fishes

Ca. 1700, 28.5 x 20.3 cm. 7 drawings in red ink on one sheet of laid paper. Drawings of several fish, a shell and a crawfish, each captioned in pencil in a 2nd hand.

LOT 933
€100,00 - €200,00
Collection of ca. 55 (proof) lithographs and items on lithography

(1) Figaro lithographe. N.pl., printed by Imprimeries Lemercier, 1895, (2),IV,50,(4) p., w. 4 loosely inserted lithogr. plates (2x double-p.), num. ills., orig. wr., large folio....

LOT 934
€80,00 - €160,00
Maillol, A. (1861-1944). Standing nude

From the series Ovide. L'art d'aimer. Lithogr. Signed in the plate bottom right. 36 x 26.5 cm, in modern frame under glass, 54 x 43 cm.

LOT 935
€2000,00 - €4000,00
Maris, Matthijs (1839-1917), attributed to. View of the Oude Rijn, Leiden

Oil on panel, mounted on particle board. Ca. 1868. Monogrammed bottom right ‘M.M.’ 63 x 51 cm.

LOT 936
€80,00 - €160,00
Two small late 19th century paintings

(1) Signed Joh. W. Aanderen (?). A ship at sea. Illegibly signed and dated '[18]85' bottom left. Aquarel and mixed technique. Approx. 10 x 15 cm. In gilded passepartout. Not examined...

LOT 937
€70,00 - €120,00
View of a Romanesque chapel on a river

Most likely depicting a scene the Netherlands, early 19th cent. (?). Dutch school, watercol. on paper, 22.5 x 31 cm, artist unknown. Mounted on passepartout and framed under glass.

LOT 938
€80,00 - €160,00
Bauer, M. (1867-1932). A Donkey driver, Stamboul

1890. Etching. Signed in the plate top right. 17.5 x 12.5 cm (image), 27.5 x 22.5 cm (sheet). Van Wisselingh 2.

LOT 939
€200,00 - €400,00
Pautre, J. le (1618-82). Album of 51 engravings

Late 17th cent. Engr. of mythological, biblical and classical scenes, some ornamental engr., and some of buildings (mostly churches). Var. sizes, all cut out and mounted on paper....

LOT 940
€250,00 - €500,00
Quesnel, P. Miniature portrait of Pasquier Quesnel (1634-1719)

Gouache on ivory or bone, 10 x 7.5 cm, in orig. (?) dec. gilt frame w. wooden back panel, verso w. annotation in pen: "Pasquier Quesnel Prêtre à l'Oratoire né le 14 Juillet 1634....

LOT 941
€200,00 - €400,00
Rijn, R. van (after). Portrait of a woman with headdress and carrying arrows

Etching. Signed in the plate top left 'Rembrantd f. 1632'. 10 x 7 cm (sheet). Mounted on paper w. tape.

LOT 942
€70,00 - €140,00
Collection of 25 skating prints

17th-19th cent., var. sizes, kept in modern portfolio. (1) "Gestalte van de voorgaande Huizing, na het blussen van den brandt". Handcol. engr. by J. Mulder after J. van der Heyden,...

LOT 943
€70,00 - €120,00
Two winter scenes: (1) S. Fokke after H. van Averkamp. De Haarlemmer Meer 1625

Engr. of a winter scene w. ice skating. 21.5 x 31 cm. (2) Idem. Buiten Alkmaar, 1619. Added: from the same series, Ouderkerk aan den Amstel, 1622.

LOT 944
€500,00 - €1000,00
Tetar van Elven, J.E. (1832-59). Atelier legacy

(1) Two flowers. Pencil. 9 x 8 cm (sheet). Relief stamp of 'J. Eduard Tetar van Elven/ Artiste peintre à Amsterdam' and his signature in ink on verso. (2) Attributed to Tetar van...

LOT 945
€100,00 - €200,00
'Tree of Life' funerary hairwork

Southern Germany, ca. 1894, framed behind glass, 29 x 27.5 cm. A commemorative 'tree of life' made of human hair w. a handwritten text in German. Made in remembrance of Theodor...

LOT 946
€80,00 - €150,00
Parade op de Neude te Utrecht 1787 with coin schutterij Utrecht

G.B. Probst after J. Jelgerhuis, 1789, copper engr., handcol., 28 x 39 cm, pasted on cardboard frame. Coin from 1786 w. inauguration scene of the schutterij Utrecht, reverse w. text, approx. 30 mm.

LOT 947
€600,00 - €1200,00
Visscher, C.J. (1587-1652). Collection of 16 hunting scenes

Ca. 1630. Complete w. 16 engr. and numb. hunting scenes, the 1st signed in the plate by C[laes] J[ansz] Visscher after A. Tempest. Obl. later half linen album (19.5 x 30 cm), marbled...

LOT 948
€70,00 - €120,00
Wall Perné, J. van de (1877-1941). View of a village with bridge

Oil on board. Ca. 1900. Signed bottom left. 27 x 34 cm, framed.

LOT 949
€150,00 - €300,00
Whaling scene

Anonymous, watercolour on wooden tray. Scene w. walrus or seal and hunters, dead whales and a Dutch galleon. Dutch school, ca. 1850. 46 x 30 cm.

LOT 950
€100,00 - €200,00
Wenckebach, W. (1860-1937). Wereldtentoonstelling Amsterdam 1895

Diploma van het Eerekruis ter herinnering aangeboden aan Den Heer A. Bemay Bordeaux. Lithogr. and letterpress diploma printed in yellow and grey by Roeloffzen & Hübner, 69.5 x...


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