LOT 1904
SOLD €110,00

[Photos and photocards] Lot with more than 50 photos and photocards,

various sizes and subjects.

Contains e.g.: (1) "Norwegische Freiwillige an der Ostfront. Mit Spannung beobachten sie vor dem Aufbruch das vorbereitende Feuer unserer Artillerie." Original press photo ("PK-Aufnahme!") by "Kriegsberichter Schürer", dated 3 September 1941, 18 x 24 cm., with typed strip pasted to the back and stamp of the Scherl Bilderdienst; (2) (Princess Juliana visits the market at Breda). Original press photo by Willem van de Poll, dated May 1945, 13.7 x 13.5 cm., with typed strip and the stamp of ANEFO (No. HL 2742) on reverse; (3) "Chamberlain onderteekent het protocol ter vredesconferentie te München, 30 September 1938". Photographic picture postcard, published by W. ten Have, 1938 (one of the most infamous signatures, with horrible consequences); (4) (Three men, one of whom writing his signature). Photo by F.H.J. Stoopman, ca. 1945, 8.5 x 11.7 cm., with copyright stamp followed by the signature of the photographer in pen on reverse. And with another ca. 50 more, mostly photos of the Royal Family, a photocard with propaganda in order to entice the Flemish youth to join the Waffen-SS and a series of 5 modern prints of photos by A.G. van Agtmaal, ca. 1940 (total more than 50).

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