LOT 1919
SOLD €900,00

[Binnenlandse Strijdkrachten] Collection of 46 original items,

with accompanying original documentation, consisting of 12 various cloth armbands (1x non-BS), 17 identity cards (of which 7 used), 5 confiscation documents and 9 other items, ca. 1945-1946.

Lovely collection, the armbands mostly with text "Oranje", but also incl. a band with text "Geestelijke bijstand" of the Red Cross and department stamp Leeuwarden with accompanying typed note with explanation, a black band with letters "CD" with a photo of someone wearing such an armband ("Stoottroepen KP"), various "oranje blanje bleu" bands and 3 Amsterdam bands, 4 used IDs with passport photos (e.g. Amsterdamsche Bond van Oud-Illegale Strijders, Geheim Leger, Landelijke Onderduikers Organisatie (L.O., 2x) and priority card Ex-Politieke-Gevangene, 1x with accompanying typed letter from the Militair Gezag at The Hague). Also unused confiscation documents of a lorry, a car and oil and a printed note of thanks with reproduction of a handwritten text by Bernhard, commander of the Nederlandsche Strijdkrachten. See for an extensive explanation of the armbands: https://tinyurl.com/n8agt4l (total 46 items).

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