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[Marten Toonder] De Metro + De Gil

(1) De Metro. Satyrisch tijdschrift (subtitle changes). A collection of 18 issues (of 36 published) as follows: No. 6 (numbered as year 6 no. 1). Amsterdam, 19 Jan. 1945, continued as (New Series) Nos. 7-14; then continued as (year 2) Nos. 17-19, 23-25, 27-28. Amsterdam, D.A.V.I.D., 10 Mei, 1945-30 Maart 1946; year 3 number 2, 1 juni 1946. Original issues as published. Some foxing and browning, but still in very good condition.

Altogether 17 issues of the rare satirical periodical De Metro, published in The Netherlands after the war, originating from the underground movement. Year 6 no. 1 was still illegally published and no. 7 (= Eerste daglicht-nummer) is the first "legal" issue, published after the liberation. Editor-in-chief was Jan Gerhard Toonder; most important in Metro was the contribution of his brother Marten Toonder, with several full-page (and also smaller) politico-satirical drawings, satirising the former underground press, the internment politics, the military authorities, etc. Metro was founded in Oct. 1944 by J.C. Pellicaan and D.D.B. van Veen, both former contributors to the illegal "Vrij Nederland". To mislead the Germans but also "to irritate van Randwijk", the first number published had the faked numbering Year 5 no. 7 (suggesting that it was founded even before "Vrij Nederland"). Publication went on until Year 3 no. 4. Apart from Toonder we also find drawings by H.G. Kresse, H. Kabos, René Zwartjes and others; other contributors were J.G. Toonder, P. Beihuizen, Geert Lubberhuizen. DAVID stands for "De Algemene Vrije Illegale Drukkerij". Winkel: 421. A total of 36 issues were published. With: (2) De Gil. Periodiek verschijnend Orgaan voor Nuchter Nederland. Nos. 1-5, 7-12. Folded; most with previous ownership stamp. De Gil ("The Scream"): a fortnightly tabloid published by the National Socialists ostensibly as a satirical illegal publication, edited by Louis Theyssen, with contributions by Willem W. Waterman (= W.H.M. van den Hout, better known as Willy van der Heide, author of a famous series of youth fiction "Bob Evers Serie") & H.A. Seyffardt.

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