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Michel Ney (1769-1816), French soldier and Marshal of France. Letter in pen 1801

Bifolium with pre-printed head filled out in pen "Armée du Rhin. Au Quartier-Général à Burghausen 11 Ventose an 9 [= 2 March 1801] de la République Française. Ney, Général du division au général de Division Colaud [= Claude Sylvestre Colaud] membre du sénat conserv." Furthermore the letter itself in pen on one side (14 lines), signed "Ney" bottom right, addressed to Colaud and with remains of broken seal and stamp "Arm. du Rhin" on the final side, 25.5 x 21 cm. (previously folded for sending, hole due to the removed wax seal), kept in file of manuscript trader Alain Nicolas, together with his business card (1991) and various copied documents.

On 13 February 1801, the French general Claude Sylvestre Colaud (1754-1819) was appointed member of the Sénat conservateur. In the letter, Ney congratulates his fellow general extensively and enthusiastically with this appointment (Colaud would later also support Ney as Pair de France). Michel Ney, 1st duke of Elchingen, and 1st prince of La Moskowa, who distinguished himself in many battles during the French revolution, the Consulat and l'Empire. His soldiers called him Le Rougeaud and Napoleon himself called him "Le brave des braves". On 7 December 1815 he was executed by firing squared on charges of high treason (he defected to Napoleon, whom he had previously abandoned). He refused to be blindfolded and gave the order to shoot himself at the Jardin du Luxembourg.

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