LOT 410

[LEO BELGICUS] Famiani Stradae Romani

e Societate Jesu De Bello Gallico Decas Prima (et) Secunda. Ab exessu Caroli V. Imp. [and] Ab initio Praefecturae Alexandri Farnesii Parmae Placentiaeque Ducis III. An. MDLXXVIII, Usque ad An MDXC. [2 volumes, both with the "LEO BELGICUS" as frontispiece]. Amsterdam, Joachim van Metelen [and] Antwerp, Weduwe Cnobbaert, 1648.

16mo, overlapping vellum, 2 volumes, title on spine in hw., 2x title, 2x illus. frontispiece with LEO BELGICUS and Amsterdam (vol. 1) and Antwerp (vol. 2) address and numerous full-page portraits, all in copper engraving. Shabby bindings, minor (water)staining. Engravings in good condition. (total 2)

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