LOT 597

[Siege of Maastricht 1748] "Fourages campagne maij 1748. Magasin de Maestricht".

Manuscript consisting of 2 bifolia written on 6 sides, with a financial report across several pages, at the end dated "fait a Bruxelles le premier septembre mille sept cent quarante huit" and "signé De Fechelle ("Conseiller d'Etat intendant de Flandre et des armées du Roy"), pour duplicate signé De Sechelle, pour copie signé Foullon" (folds).

The siege of Maastricht of 1748 took place in the final phase of the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-'48) during April-May 1748 and ended on 7 May of that year with the surrender of Maastricht. Our manuscript concerns the "grains, farine, fourage, viandes et effects" of the "Magasin de Fourages de Maestricht" during the days "l'unzieme jour de maij et jour suivans" of the year 1748. Contains calculations of rations of mostly straw and oats in relation to the size of the Dutch, Austrian and English forces.

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