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[Architecture] Dudok, W.M. (1884-1974). Small archive of letters

(1) Gemeente De Bilt. Typescript letter by "Burgemeester en wethouders van De Bilt", 1 A4 leaf, signed in pen by mayor J. Groeneweg and chairman A.A.J. Goldberg, addressed to W.M. Dudok in Hilversum, dated Bilthoven, 13 september '71, asking him for permission to name a street after him. (2) Signed draft in pen by Dudok, answering the mentioned request, on a leaf with letterhead "Architect W.M. Dudok, Utrechtscheweg 71, Hilversum", 14.5 x 22 cm, addressed "Aan Heren Burgemeester en Wethouders van De Bilt", dated 15 September 1971. "Gaarne betuig ik uw college mijn instemming met het voornemen, uitgedrukt in uw schrijven dd 13 September (...) mijn naam te verbinden, aan een nieuw aan te leggen weg in uw gemeente. Ik ben nog jong genoeg om mij daarin hartelijk te verheugen, en oud genoeg om er niet pedant door te worden (...)." (3) Kunsthistorisch Instituut der Rijksuniversiteit te Utrecht. Typescript letter signed P. Singelenberg, 1 A4 leaf, addressed to Dudok, dated 3 November 1971. Informing Dudok about planned changes in and around the Utrechtse Schouwburg (Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, designed by Dudok), and asking him if the architect's permission is still needed for such changes. (4) Signed draft in pen by Dudok, 1 leaf, almost A4 size, to "Zeer geachte Dr. Singelenberg", dated 6 November '71. Thanking Singelenberg for his notification, and stating that he had already been informed by the Director of the Stadsschouwburg, Verbist. Because Dudok no longer practised as architect, Verbist had approached the architect Wouda. Dudok had informed Verbist that changes should have his permission, but the architect is still a bit worried. (5-7) Architectenbureau Wouda N.V. Two typescript letters to Dudok, dated 17 and 28 April 1972, on planned details of the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, with large-sized blueprint of facades of the building, with sm. extra window drawn in in pen by Dudok. Annotation in pen by Dudok on one of the letters: "Telefonisch besproken met de Hr. Wouda. Nog 1 raampje is mooier (dus 4 stuks). 2 V. '72 D." -and approx. 35 others, mostly letters addressed to Dudok, but also incl. a few photographs, a postcard by Albert Plasschaert (dated 4 maart 1941, shortly before his death) and a typescript letter by L.J. Jordaan (dated 29 Mei '45).

(total approx. 42)

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