Manuscripts: Lots 210 - 241

LOT 210
€80,00 - €100,00
28 early twentieth century 'Poesie-albums'

Dutch, ca. 1900-20. Most profusely dec. cl. and all w. num. poems and drawings etc. Some names: Grietje Kroon, Haarlem; Geertje de Rooij, Amsterdam; Reintje de Breuk, Haarlemmermeer;...

LOT 211
€100,00 - €200,00
70 early twentieth century 'Poesie-albums'

Dutch, ca. 1920-60s. Most profusely dec. cl. and all w. num. poems and drawings etc. Some names: Truusje Nije, Amsterdam; Lydia de Graaff, Heemstede; Aditia van Delft, Amsterdam;...

LOT 212
€70,00 - €140,00
Album with twenty contributions dated 1853-1865

The album containing 4 drawings (two w. text verso), 8 written contributions (one w. oval silk ribbon border woven through the paper, two w. sm. illustration) and 8 embroiderd...

LOT 213
€100,00 - €200,00
Twenty nineteenth century 'Poesie-albums'

Dutch, ca. 1858-1910. Most profusely dec. cl. and all w. num. poems and drawings etc. Some names: Joh. A. Smit, Kampen; Johanna Wertheim, Amsterdam; Johanna Neeb, Doesburgh; F....

LOT 214
€1000,00 - €2000,00
Album of signatures and stamps from various consulates and embassies

1933-37. Hundreds of stamps of European consulates and signatures of consulate workers. Stamps from a variety of consulates, incl. a.o. those of Belgium, Chile, England, Egypte,...

LOT 215
€250,00 - €500,00

Manuscript recipe-book for jenever (gin), brandewijn (brandy) etc., Dutch, ca. 1945-1970, 34 p. (and blank pages numbered up to 200), hlinen w. dustwr. labelled w. the mentioned...

LOT 216
€150,00 - €300,00
Dudok, W.M. (1884-1974). Small archive of letters

(1) Gemeente De Bilt. Typescript letter by "Burgemeester en wethouders van De Bilt", 1 A4 leaf, signed in pen by mayor J. Groeneweg and chairman A.A.J. Goldberg, addressed to W.M....

LOT 217
€100,00 - €200,00
Geschied en oudheidkundig mengelwerk

bijeenverzameld door J.IJ. Wenning. 1868. Handwritten, hand ill. and hand col. work on the history of var. Dutch châteaux, a second part entitled "Algemeene Geschiedenis van Friesland...

LOT 218
€100,00 - €200,00
Archive of the Van Amerongen family

Mainly concerning Antonie and Gerrit Jan van Amerongen, wood merchants in Wijk bij Duurstede, mainly late 19th/ early 20th cent. but also incl. earlier and sl. later documents,...

LOT 219
€80,00 - €160,00
Beets, N. (1814-1903). Signed letter signed to U.M. Beets,

'gepensioneerd Majoor', Reinkenstraat, Den Haag, dd. 27 July 1901. 27 lines, recto and verso. W. enveloppe. Added: inscribed visiting card w. enveloppe.

LOT 220
€100,00 - €200,00
Two signed portraits: (1) Leni Riefenstahl (1902-2003)

"Bob Usher herzlich gewidmet Leni Riefenstahl 1994". Dedication in pen on original photogr. portrait, 15 x 10.5 cm, showing Riefenstahl as Junta in the movie Das Blaue Licht, with...

LOT 221
€150,00 - €300,00
Collection of 22 Dutch manuscript documents 1550-1860

Comprising 14 documents on vellum, partly concerning a house in the Hoogstraat in The Hague, partly w. attached wax seals (incl. some documents attached to each other), the other...

LOT 222
€600,00 - €1200,00
Diploma of Nobilty awarded to Nicolas Joseph Gratien de Behault (1771-1857) in 1822

Manuscript diploma of Nobility on vellum, 55.5 x 74 cm, "Gegeeven op het Loo den 4 September 1822", signed in pen "Willem" (King William I of the Netherlands), and by F.G. van...

LOT 223
€70,00 - €140,00
Manuscript recipe book

Belgium, ca. 1870-1900, text in French, approx. 60 pages (and many blank lvs.), and w. a number of loosely inserted recipes, contemp. hcl, 4to. Recipes such as "Viandes", "Pain...

LOT 224
€80,00 - €160,00
Heijdanus, J. (Brieven) Uit Parijs. (Account concerning the Franco-Prussian War)

Manuscript in 3 parts, ca. 1870-71, (4) (of ?), 9 and 17 p., the first two parts loose and folio/ 4to, the third part in carbon copy in a hleather 4to carbon copy book, the second...

LOT 225
€70,00 - €140,00
50 miscellaneous letters and documents

Mostly Dutch, ca. 1699-1950, var. sizes. Varied collection, comprising a.o.: (1) Statement in pen, sheet size 21 x 16 cm, signed "Joh. Brauniús S.S. Doctor &", dated "Groningen...

LOT 226
€70,00 - €140,00
Manuscript with Dutch meteorological annotations, 1817-62

Manuscript containing 62 pages of annotations in pen on weather conditions between 1817 and 1862, on lvs. bound with/ between Van Zwaamen en Thompson's Almanak, op 't jaar onzes...

LOT 227
€450,00 - €900,00
Acquoy, J. Reekenboek voor de Nederlandsche jeugd

Door H. Aeneae. Uitgegeven door de Maarschappy Tot nut van 't algemeen. Meest onöpgelost, en zonder antwoorden voorgesteld. Ontbonder door Jacobus Acquoy. Te Amsterdam, 1796. Manuscript...

LOT 228
€200,00 - €400,00
Commonplace book of medicinal recipes

Written in French, 18th cent. (1 entry dated 1753). Multiple hands, all of them remarkably clear and legible. Miscellany of num. (mostly) medicinal recipes, incl. a.o. ones for...

LOT 229
€3500,00 - €7000,00
Psalter in Latin on vellum

Dutch, 2nd half 15th century, littera textualis in 2 columns, 32 lines to the page, 110 lvs. measuring approx. 33.7 x 23.4 cm, 70 lvs. (sometimes pages) numbered in an old hand...

LOT 230
€1500,00 - €3000,00
"Etude de diverses parties de l'art de la Guerre

De J. Sengy Sr. Lieutenant au Corps Royal d'Etat major aide Major au 2eme Régiment de Grenadiers à cheval de la Garde. Janvier 1820." 155 p. (last few p. blank). Fascinating French...

LOT 231
€100,00 - €200,00
Recueil van den korten inhoud van resolutien door Ridderschap en steden

de staeten van Overijssel genomen over kerkelijcke saken. (81) p. Half roan w. marbled paper boards, 4to. Account of manuscript rules and regulations between 1624-1760 including...

LOT 232
€1000,00 - €2000,00
Manuscript pharmacopeia or recipe book

Germany, 2nd half 18th cent., 362 p. (paginated by the writer), w. the names of the recipes in calligraphy in blue and green (w. traces of gilding on the first letters), with index...

LOT 233
€70,00 - €140,00
Poësy; Verzamelt door A.J. van der Poest Clement. I: stukje. II: stukje

2 manuscript vols., (1832-33), both w. calligraphic title followed by 116/ 113,(2) p. (incl. indexes at the end of both vols.), the first vol. w. occas. music scores, contemp. marbled boards, sm. 8vo.

LOT 234
€100,00 - €200,00
Prayer booklet 1645

Manuscript prayer booklet, 84 lvs., orig. overlapping vellum, 12mo.

LOT 235
€70,00 - €140,00
Stukken betreffende de nakomelingen van den Admiraal De Ruijter

te plaatsen in de portefeuille genealogica van mijne verzameling. Manuscript, ca. 1840, 8p. on 7 loose bifolia (so also w. 17 blank pages), consisting of a double-p. genealogical...

LOT 236
€350,00 - €700,00
Testament and last will of Edward Hodsdon of Sydenham (d. 19 July 1739)

Manuscript on 6 attached lvs. of vellum, approx. 86 x 80 (5x) and 56 x 80 cm, each leaf w. extensive calligraphic text within engraved borders (the first leaf incorporating at...

LOT 237
€70,00 - €140,00
Testimonial documents of a.o. Paulus Stegman (1664-1711)

Manuscript documents, mostly of extracts of testaments, 18th-19th cent. Added: 2 documents of insurance companies, 19th cent.

LOT 238
€70,00 - €120,00
Manuscript Dutch train schedule

Ca. 1944. Hand dec. cardboard portfolio w. 3 loosely inserted pamphlets (for different regions of the Netherlands) of color-coded manuscript train schedules, each pamphlet w. (fold.)...

LOT 239
€3000,00 - €6000,00
Extremely rare letterpress/ manuscript V.O.C. "Kas noot" for Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

Printed "Kas-noot", recto with the denomination "Goed voor 4 Ryxsds:" in Dutch, Sinhala and Tamil typeset, within border and V.O.C. marks and the arms of Colombo in corners, and...

LOT 240
€7500,00 - €15000,00
Extremely rare letterpress/ manuscript V.O.C. letter of credit for Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

"No. [filled out in pen: vijfhonderd negentien] goet voor Ryksdaalders 5. Zegge Vyf Ryksdaalders. Wy ondergetekende certificeeren, dat Thoonder deezes, by de Compagnie te goet...

LOT 241
€10000,00 - €20000,00
Extremely rare letterpress/ manuscript V.O.C. letter of credit for Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

"No. [filled out in pen: vijfhonderd twaalf] goet voor Ryksdaalders 25. Zegge Vyf en Twintig Ryksdaalders. Wy ondergetekende certificeeren, dat Thoonder deezes, by de Compagnie...


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