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veiling / Auction 27 - Session IV Adolph Friedländer Poster Auction Part I / 3030-3065 Freakshow
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kavel: 3031 verkocht € 230.00

[Albinism. Penguins] "Albino man and woman in icy landscape with three penguins"

Friedländer, Hamburg, 1935. 96 x 71 cm. Lith. no. 9031.
Occ. mild wear along folding lines.

*The lithograph does not have a title, but we can safely assume that the man depicted is Tom Jack, the "Ice King", an albino performer specialised in escapism and illusionism. The lady standing next to him is most likely his wife Wally Paradise, an artist and albino as well, whom he married in the early 20s. See also lot nos. 3030, 3032 and 3034.
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