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6290-6339 Small Press and Concrete Poetry


veiling / Auctions 27 - Session V Artists' books, Editions and Ephemera (late 20th cent.)
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kavel: 6321
R.A.N. Rotterdam Art News
-Ten issues (out of 12 all published) of R.A.N. Rotterdam Art News published by the Rotterdam Arts Promotion Foundation between 1972-1974. Edited by writer and critic Jan Donia, Gosse Oosterhof and Johannes van der Wolk, to promote the new Rotterdam art scene and entice international collaborations. All issues housed in a green stamped portfolio, 23 x 31 cm, containing loose sheets with texts and b/w ills.-

verkocht € 160.00
kavel: 6322
Complete set of Utopia, Bi-monthly magazine for scientific entertainment
-Tweemaandelijks tijdschrift voor wetenschappelijk amusement. Contains Numbers 1-10 (1975-1978) plus the special boxed edition on architect J.M. JUJOL. Edited by Hans Oldewarris, Hans Kamphuis, Jan Pesman and Peter de Winter, published in Delft. The periodical focused on innovative and creative design with a humorous twist. Its design and format varied with each (themed) issue, but often featured inserts and mounted objects. -

verkocht € 400.00
kavel: 6323
Revue Plages. París, Aquila, 1981-1999
-Comprises 65 issues of the collaborative artists' magazine Plages founded by the artist Roberto Gutierrez (1939-2011) in 1978 and going on for 33 years. Most issues are A4 size, bulky items with all different sorts of contributions: silk screen prints, photographs, drawings, collages, sculptures, paintings, found objects, watercolours. Some are object-books, boxes, nets or oversized envelopes filled with various contents. The edition size is mostly around 1000, all issues are numbered, and many signed by the contributing artists, architects, photographers, poets and musicians. -

verkocht € 500.00
kavel: 6324
MW Press
-Newsprint artists' tabloid founded and edited by Martina Wagener in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. Ten issues were published from 1982 to 1989. Folded sheets, 29 x 41 cm, approx 28 pp. Published in an edition of 1000 starting from No.3 (earlier edition size unknown). The magazine featured artists' contributions, interviews and b/w documentation. Text in English. -

verkocht € 200.00
kavel: 6325
Noise Nos.1 - 15/16. Paris, Maeght Editeur, 1985-1994
-Softcover, stiff decorated wrappers, 37 x 27 cm, pp. various. Text in French with original (partly colour) lithographs and (colour) plates. Printed in an edition of 2000 copies. The French art magazine Noise was the successor of the famous Derriere le Miroir, also published by Galerie Maeght. -

verkocht € 300.00
kavel: 6326
Glasgow radical magazines, Here & Now and Variant
-Contains: (1) Here and Now Magazine, Nos. 6-18 (1988-1998), Clydeside Press. A Situationist magazine which originated in Glasgow as the successor to 'Clydeside Anarchist'. Double issue No.16/17 includes a supplement on Guy Debord. -

verkocht € 120.00
kavel: 6327
-A London-based post-punk DIY spoof of Vogue magazine, focused on punk rock, art, counter-culture, Situationists, psycho-geography, conspiracy theories and cult films. Founded at Salisbury College of Technology and Art by Tom Vague et al, it released 25 numbers through AK Press from 1979-1992. The final issue No.25 is included in this lot and contains an overview of the fanzine with an introduction by Stewart Home.-

verkocht € 150.00
kavel: 6328
Modern Denken (Modern Thinking)
-Art periodical published from 1980-1984 by Stichting Vrouwen in de Beeldende Kunst (SVBK) which focused on women in the visual arts. Staple bound, 29.5 x 20.5 cm, approx 34 pp. Edited by Lydia Schouten et al. Text in Dutch with some English.-
€ 90 - € 150
kavel: 6329
De Appel Bulletins 1981 -1983
-Complete set of the first three years of the quarterly publication by the illustrious Amsterdam based art space. Comprises Nos.1, 2, 3/4 1981; Nos.1, 2, 3, 4 1982; Nos.1, 2, 3/4 1983 (10 copies). Amsterdam, Stichting De Appel, 1981-1983. Softcover, staple bound, 29.5 x 21 cm (1981-82), 29.7 x 22 cm (1983). Edited by Josine van Droffelaar and Wies Smals. -

verkocht € 240.00
kavel: 6330
Drukwerk De Zaak
-Quarterly magazine published by artists' space De Zaak in Groningen, founded in 1981. Focused on 'independent investigation and development of contemporary art'.-

verkocht € 80.00
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