LOT 1914
SOLD €600,00

[N.S.B.] Collection of 28 typed/ stencilled letters,

all with N.S.B. logo in top margin, dated 1937-1944, signed in pen or with stencilled signature, several with stamp of Secretaris-Generaal (C.J. Huygen) with date of arrival, nearly all A4 size (3x A5), some consisting of multiple leaves (some perforated).

Contains e.g.: (1) A 3-page letter to the Secretaris-generaal by A.B. Momming (?), Districtsvertegenwoordiger Arbeidszaken en Sociale Aangelegenheden in District 12, on measures taken by his department regarding employment of unemployed WA members; (2) An honourable discharge for B.R. Kremer as Kringsecretaris; (3) A warning, undated letter to municipal staff demanding endorsement of N.S.B. objectives, with invitation to a public meeting, with stamp of the St. Jozefschool in Soest and [crossed-out] date in pen 1 May 1942, signed in print by Groepsleiders H.W. van Veen and W. van der Leck; (4) A stencilled announcement completed by typewriter of a mandatory, uniformed meeting on 5/6 April at Utrecht [a sort of retreat], addressed to the Heerbanleiders by Secretaris-Generaal C.J. Huygen, dated 29 March 1941, with the programme for both days; (5) Stencilled letter completed by typewriter to J.E. Feenstra, in which he is informed that a hotel room (shared with J. Steenbeek) has been reserved for him regarding the meeting mentioned with 4 on 5/6 April, signed in pencil by Hoofd Afd. Algemeene Zaken, De Blocq van Scheltinga, dated 31 March 1941; (6) "Voorschrift No. 43. Inzamelingen en verlotingen door den jeugdstorm". Stencilled letter to Districtsleiders, Kringleiders and Groepsleiders, in which the Jeugdstorm is prohibited from hosting collections or raffles at meetings, dated 1 October 1943, signed in print by the representative of the Leider voor de Financiën, F.W. van Bilderbeek; (7) Typed letter to Van Geelkerken, dated 13-11-1940 and signed in pen by the Hoofd van de Afdeeling Centr. Inlichtingendienst M.E. Huismans (?), in which Kameraad Paes is indirectly betrayed because he "verhalen [heeft] gedaan over groote meeningsverschillen en oneenigheid tusschen den Leider en Rost van Tonningen"; (7) Stencilled invitiation to the comedy "Eindelijk... Werk!" by Toneelgroep "De Voortrekkers", for "Den Heerbanleider der W.A. en echtgenote" (Feenstra?) sent by C.E. Brugman, with an attachment of 2 admission tickets [not included] (with pencil annotation "3x extra aangevraagd"); (8) "Voorschrift No 40." Stencilled regulation for 21 departments, leaders and editors, by Secretaris-Generaal Huygen, concerning the use of the word "Leider" (with capital letter, only for the Leider der Beweging) and "leider" (with lowercase letter and always with addition of position); (9) Stencilled letter to C.J. Huygen by W.L.Z. v.d. Vegte and signed by him in pen, dated 10 January 1942, on an instruction by the PTT in which the ban on wearing N.S.B. insignia in the service is lifted, as accompanying letter with a copy of the published instruction itself (total 28).

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