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280-299 Manuscripts


veiling / Auction 27 - Session I Children's books, Paper Toys, Manuscripts, Old Books, Militaria
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kavel: 280
[Literature] Frank Wedekind. (1) Autographed letter
-to 'Sehr geëhrter Herr', n.d. (circa 1908). Ink. 2 sides. Party torn along folds. *'Ich kenne Ihr Drama Wahn schon zeit einem vollen Jahr und glaube sass es auf der Bühne sehr originell und vor allem auch sehr dramatisch wirken würde (...)' Probably addrressed to the German dramatist Jakob Scherek (1870-1927), who published a play called Wahn in 1907. -

verkocht € 100.00
kavel: 282
[Plays. Germany] Friedrich Zierler. Two manuscript plays in one volume
-Lohn des Verdienstes. Schauspiel in 3 Acten. Practicantenleben auf der Bergacademie zu Schemnitz. In einen Aufzug. Manucript in German on woven paper with watermark depicting Joseph Palatinus von Ungarn and a coat-of-arms (the first manuscript) and J. Whatmann CT (the second manuscript, the manuscripts both dated 1832, two parts in 1 volume, (33),(1); (16) p., with 4 later woodengr. plates on endpapers, contemp. marbled boards with ticket "Codex 379" on frontcover, large folio.-
€ 70 - € 140
kavel: 283
[Belgium. Rozendaal Abbey 1785-1792] Three "Rekeninge, bewijs ende reliqua"
-Three mananuscripts (issued) by Jean-Joseph Harreweijn ("secretaris van Brecht"), (10) lvs. each, with the final 3 pages blank, started in 1785, 1790 and 1792, threadbound, folio.-
€ 70 - € 140
kavel: 284
[Sweden. Lorraine] Compendium chronologique et géographique de l'histoire de Suede
-Compilé de Davity, de Romval, et des dictionnaires de Moreri, Bayle, & c. Par de Gxx. Vxxx., ancien conseiller du parlement, et du conseil de monsieur, gouverneur des viles et Chateaux de Nonancourt (...). 1708. Together with: Compendium chronologique et geographique de l'histoire de la Lorraine (...) par Dx. Gxx. Vxx., ancien conseiller au parlement. Partly filled with respectively 182, 319-320, 345-545 numbered pp. In a very neat 18th-cent. hand. Sprinkled calf, profusely gilt spine with repeating fleurons and red mor. title label, red edges and marbled endpapers, green reading ribbon. -
€ 200 - € 400
kavel: 285
[Utrecht. Zuylen] 17th-century bill of enfeoffment
-On the fishery of the natural reserve of De Nes along the river of the Vecht in Vreeland. Since 1633 it was owned by the Amsterdam Reael family who built their country house there in 1687, given by Hendrik van Tuyll van Serooskerken, the lord of Zuilen and Vreeland who lived in the nearby Zuylen castle. It is signed and dated 1678. Titled in ink: "Leenbrief van de visscherij van het Huis de Nes, in dato den 21 sept 1678". Manuscript on fold. vellum, ca. 47 x 26 cm. With a large hanging wax seal, partly gone, with the coat of arms of the Van Tuyll van Serooskerken family. -

verkocht € 150.00
kavel: 286
[Arabian manuscripts] Two titles: Al Binni Imam al-Fiqi (or al-Faqi)
-Manuscript in Arabic on very fine polished laid paper with watermark crowned grapes (ca. 1700), (10 blank),(5),(263),(14 blank) pp., title-p. w. very fine headpiece in gouache and gold, 19th century Arabic style blindstamped polished calf w. overlapping flap and later paper letterpieces on spine, 21.5 x 13.5 cm. -

verkocht € 380.00
kavel: 287
[Arabian] Official manuscript document in Persian on fold. laid paper
-Most probably a passport or travelling firman, w. large calligraphed "Tughra", probably of the Ottoman sultan Mahmud II (reigned 1808-1839) or Abdulmejid I (reigned 1839-1861), with traces of gold, above 7 lines of text, with signature (?) and address/ date (?) below, sheet measuring 78 x 54 cm.-

verkocht € 220.00
kavel: 288
Album amicorum from a member of the families De Kruyff/ Bruininga/ Van Nouhuys/ Straatmans
-And Brocx, w. 39 loose contributions (incl. some not-related) dated 1817-1884 (mostly ca. 1840), on variously coloured paper, most lvs. measuring 12.5 x 20.5 cm, a.e.g. and exactly fitting in the orig. gilt and blindst. purple mor. box (ca. 1840), a.e.g., 14.5 x 22.5 cm.-

verkocht € 130.00
kavel: 289
Album amicorum from an unknown original owner from Leerdam/Voorburg
-With 37 various fixed, mounted or loose contributions and a number of unused lvs, ca. 1850-1870, orig. embossed and giltlettered "Album", a.e.g., 17 x 26 cm.-
€ 80 - € 150
kavel: 290
[Household manual] Manuscript artist's manual/cookbook/medical recipe book
-Belgium, first half 19th cent. w. later additions, w. contributions in French and Dutch in various hands, ca. 100 pp. of manuscript text and 21 pp. with much later letterpress recipes, a few loosely inserted items, also w. a number of blank lvs, contemp. vellum with remains of ties, 4to size. -

verkocht € 550.00
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