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6000-6051 1960s Avant-garde


veiling / Auction 28 - Session V Artists' books, Editions and Ephemera (late 20th cent.)
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kavel: 6000
Richard Hamilton, Man Machine & Motion
-London, Institute of Contemporary Arts, 1955. Rare catalogue published in conjunction with the innovative exhibition at ICA London designed and organized by Richard Hamilton. 23 x 15 cm, 44 pp. Stapled booklet printed on offwhite and grey paper. Edition of 1000.-

verkocht € 650.00
kavel: 6001
ARK No.24, original Lucio Fontana cover with hand-made punctured holes
-London, Royal College of Art, 1958. 27 x 21.5 cm, 48 pp. Original wrapper, fluorescent orange version (the other being fluorescent green) featuring a printed drawing and added cuts made with a sharp object by Fontana (1899 - 1968). -

verkocht € 650.00
kavel: 6002
Piero Manzoni, Akromatiker Linier Luftplastiker at Galerie Köpcke Copenhagen, 1960
-Announcement poster, 64.5 x 25 cm, in white wooden frame with glass, 71 x 31.5 cm. Striking graphic design repeating 7 lines stating 'galerie koepcke lille kirkestraede 1 copenhagen aben 10-30 juni piero manzoni akromatiker linier luftplastiker'. Black text offset printed on off-white paper, with folds as issued, tiny pin holes on upper corner. Printed by Christensens Bogtrykkeri in Herning Denmark, famous for its artists' collaborations. Scarce document, no other copy found. Provenance from the collection of Jes Petersen, director of Galerie Carette in Glücksburg-Ostsee, Manzoni's friend and publisher of the artists' book 'Piero Manzoni. Life and Works'.-

verkocht € 1600.00
kavel: 6003
-New York/Paris/Geneva, Gallery Alexandre Iolas, 1966. Artists' book/catalogue, 22 x 17.5 cm, including four original Lucio Fontana 'Teatrini' cut-outs in colour with perforations, and 4 b/w photographic portraits of Lucio Fontana by Ugo Mulas. -

verkocht € 1000.00
kavel: 6004
Lucio Fontana, incised artists' book and postcard Edizione Flaviana, Locarno 1966
-(1) Fontana. Locarno, Edizione Flaviana, 1966. Catalogue/artists' book published on the occasion of an exhibition at Galleria Flaviana in Locarno from July 27 to August 26 1966. Softcover, 21 x 17 cm, 40 pp. Edition of 1000 numbered copies, this one numbered 405/1000. White cover with vertical cut, overlaid on black sheet. Interior with 8 perforated/cut white sheets overlaid on coloured paper. Stamp of Dutch Zero artist Henk Peeters on verso back cover.-

verkocht € 1300.00
kavel: 6005
Nouvelles Tendance exhibitions
-Catalogue and rare poster 'Oltre la pittura oltre al scultura. Mostra di ricerca di arte visiva'. Milan, Galleria Cadario, 1963. Booklet, 6 pp. Texts in Italian by Umbro Apollonio, Umberto Eco et al. Stamp of Nouvelle Tendance Section Hollandaise (Henk Peeters) on back cover. Peeters also added a text correction in pen (the name of his magazine nul=zero was misspelled). Folded poster, 69 x 28 cm, with the names of participants on recto and b/w pictures of their work on verso. Artists include Peeters, Cruz-Diaz, Colombo, Mack, Morellet, Getulio, Munari, Mari, Piene, Gruppo N et al. Tiny tear (1 cm) along fold of the poster, else a very good copy. -

verkocht € 290.00
kavel: 6006
Yves Klein, Yves Klein présente: Le Dimanche 27 Novembre 1960, 1960
-Newspaper, offset litho, 55.5 x 38 cm, 4 pp., this copy is folded, laminated, and framed 71 x 51 cm. Features Klein's Manifesto, theatrical pieces and four b/w pictures by Harry Shunk including the iconic one of Klein jumping into the void. (Le peintre de l'espace se jette dans le vide!).-
€ 500 - € 900
kavel: 6007
Yves Klein, Monochrome und Feuer, Triptique de Krefeld, 1961
-Krefeld, Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, 1961. Three stunning screen prints on cardboard in Yves Klein blue, pink and gold by Yves Klein (1928-1962), 32 x 23.5 cm each. The golden print is coated with gold leaf on cardboard. Framed as triptych, 48.5 x 100 cm. -

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kavel: 6008
herman de vries, untitled (wit is overdaad)
-Arnhem, self-published, 1960. Stapled artists' booklet, 13.6 x 10.7 cm, 20 pp. Edition of 120, this one numbered 87/120. Contains 20 blank pages, with text in light grey typography on interior of the covers.-

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kavel: 6009
Revue nul=0 complete set 1-4, 1961-1964
-Publication of the Dutch ZERO group featuring new tendencies in art. First issue edited by Armando, Henk Peeters and herman de vries, later issues edited by de vries. Published by Nul-Verlag, Arnhem, in an edition of 500 (Nos.1-2) and 300 (Nos.3-4). Stapled copies, 27.6 x 21.8 cm, ca. 16-22 pp. each. Text in German, French and English. Super rare complete set in good condition.-

verkocht € 2400.00
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