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6378-6439 Ephemera


veiling / Auctions 27 - Session V Artists' books, Editions and Ephemera (late 20th cent.)
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kavel: 6388
Ephemera lot including Judd, Kounellis, Weiner
-18 cards and one document from the collection of Rudi Fuchs, mostly late 80s early 90s. Includes (1) a signed postcard by Gilbert & George. (2) Postcard with small drawing by Nicola de Maria (in envelope, card intact). (3) Two invitation cards by Donald Judd including the classic Castelli Whitney Graphics card from 1969 and Brooke Alexander, 1990. (4) Three Kounellis cards, including a folded poster announcement for Galerie Pietro Sparta, Chagny, 1988. -

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kavel: 6389
Bernard Heidsieck, Oh Madame Vous avez laissez tomber ce papier
-Signed and dated 15-5-71 by the artist. Handwritten text on card featuring a mega sized R.A.T.P. Metro ticket with die cut hole, 19 x 37 cm. Presumably a found love letter. A small part of the felt tip text has faded, the work has some age toning and wear along the margins. -

verkocht € 200.00
kavel: 6390
Sonda Musica, Madrid 1967-1972
-(1) Collection of invitation cards for concerts and performances in original mailed envelopes. All stunning typography on brightly coloured paper. Features a white envelope with 12 cards and 1 flyer from November 1967 to April 1970. (2) Blue envelope with 3 cards from February to March 1969, featuring Grupo Koan amongst others.-

verkocht € 160.00
kavel: 6391
Robert Filliou, Ein Vorschlag / Commemor
-Aachen, Neue Galerie im Alten Kurhaus, 1970. Two2 A4 sheets printed both sides. Green stamp of Galerie Kümmel Cologne on first page. -

verkocht € 100.00
kavel: 6392
Two rare pamphlets by Beau Geste Press
-an independent publisher run by Felipe Ehrenberg, Martha Hellion and David Mayor from 1970 to 1976. Based in a farmhouse in Devon, UK, they produced art works, books, pamphlets and magazines in collaboration with visiting artists from the international experimental art and Fluxus scene. Comprises (1) 'Humphrey is here', 1973. 34 x 40.5 cm, n.d. (1973). The pamphlet features a kind of birth certificate for a double-cylinder press from the 1940s baptised 'Humphrey' by the BGP community. Very good copy.-

verkocht € 160.00
kavel: 6393
Lawrence Weiner, text pieces
-(1) Made quietly. Geruisloos gemaakt. Antwerp, Wide White Space, 1973. Folding invitation card, 21 x 14 cm (unfolded), text in English and Dutch. Very fine copy. (2) Made quietly. Geruisloos gemaakt. Fait tranquillement. Brussels, Le Bailli, 1973. Folding invitation card, 21 x 14 cm (unfolded), text in English, Dutch and French.-

verkocht € 190.00
kavel: 6394
Sonsbeek Buiten de Perken/ Sonsbeek Beyond Lawn and Order, 1971
-Extensive lot of documentation about the legendary exhibition deriving from the archives of Judith Cahen and Wim Crouwel. Cahen was assisting director of Sonsbeek 71, working alongside Wim Beeren. Crouwel was responsible for the design. Included are (1) 8 sleeves housing negatives and contact sheets, with photos of artworks and installations made by Crouwel intended for the catalogue. Occasionally artists themselves are pictured, such as Buren, Carl André and Oldenburg. Nam June Paik is caught working behind the camera in the video pavilion. (2) 32 b/w pictures and 24 colour slides of various sources featuring Sonsbeek installations by Smithson, Morris, Lewitt, Judd, Dekkers, Wim T. Schippers and Eventstructure Research Group. Includes some nice pictures of Oldenburg's work shot by Hannah Wilke, as mentioned on recto. -

verkocht € 1600.00
kavel: 6395
Gerry Schum, Identifications
-(1) Comprises a VHS tape of the video program curated by Schum for Sonsbeek 71, and the Sonsbeek catalogue listing the program. The videos were presented in an inflatable pavilion in the garden of the Gemeentemuseum Arnhem. The Sony VHS cassette derives from the Sonsbeek 71 organization and is labeled 'Gerry Schum, Identifications, 1970, 36'30''.-

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kavel: 6396
Videogalerie Gerry Schum, Dusseldorf
-The groundbreaking production, distribution and exhibition venue existed from 1971-1973. Included are (1) 13 invitation cards from 1970 and 1971, featuring video projects by Joseph Beuys, Ger van Elk, Gilbert & George, Mario Merz, Hamish Fulton and others. -

verkocht € 2600.00
kavel: 6397
Art & Project Bulletin No.89. Bas Jan Ader, In Search of the Miraculous
-Amsterdam, Art & Project, 1975. Single folded sheet, 29.5 x 21 cm, 4 pp. with a double-page photographical illustration, song 'A Life On The Ocean Wave' by Henry Russell including musical notation on rear page. Published in cooperation with Claire S. Copley Gallery, Los Angeles and the Groninger Museum, Netherlands. Very good copy.-

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