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280-315 Manuscripts


veiling / Auction 28. Session I. Children's Books, Picture Books, Literature, Manuscripts, Old Books 16th-19th Cent., Amsterdam, Topography, Cartography
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kavel: 280
[Indonesia] Family-archive Koops Dekker-Schrok/Schleurholtz Boerma-de Bruyn Prince
-Ca. 1900-1950 (mostly 20s and 30s), consisting of hundreds of letters, 20 photos, marriage certificates and wedding cards, birth announcements, a friends book, legal documents, two housekeeping books and a typoscript.-

verkocht € 900.00
kavel: 281
[Dordrecht] Jan Jacob Blussé (1833-1893). "Afschrift. Acte van boedelbeschrijving
-der nalatenschap van den WelEdelgeboren Heer Jan Jacob Blussé, gewoond hebbende en overleden te Dordrecht den 30 Januari 1893. dat 26 april 1893." Notarial manuscript for the use and benefit of Blussé's widow Helena Johanna Vriesendorp (1838-1907) and their 6 children, (86) p., with occas. blind tax stamps and at the end "Uitgegeven voor afschrift [signed:] J. Jongkindt, notaris" and with his stamp (Dordrecht).-

verkocht € 140.00
kavel: 282
Salvador Espriu i Castéllo (1913-1985). "Assaig de cantic en el temple"
-Manuscript version of the poem, ballpoint (?), signed "Salvador Espriu" and dated "B., 30 - I - 65" and w. dedication to Immelien Kramer below the poem, framed.-

verkocht € 80.00
kavel: 283
[Amsterdam] Diary of Sara Wijnberg (b. 22 June 1913), 2 April 1930 to 2 Januari 1936,
-approx. 240 unnumb. p. and some loosely inserted contributions, almost all in pen but a few in pencil, in 2 clothbound board notebooks w. owner's entries "Sara Wijnberg Oosterpark 45 Amsterdam", respectively "Sara Wijnberg Januari 1931" on first free endpapers, folio.-

verkocht € 400.00
kavel: 284
[Poetry] "De Scheveningsche Visscher, verhalende de eerste zeetocht van Willem de Vijfde,
-voorgevallen den 19e Januarij 1795." Manuscript poem, ca. 1795 (1796?, see below), (2),11 p., signed "Uw MedeVaderlander Cs. Snagton (?)" on p. 11, simple contemp. limp boards w. manuscript ticket w. number 45 on frontcover, sm. 8vo size. -

verkocht € 380.00
kavel: 285
[Aerononautics] "De vliegweek te Katervalk. Of Het boek van moed a.d. 1911."
-"Verzen: Jan Droomer. Muziek: Lucien Verbasse, Verlucht door: Hon. Verkladde. Te St. Jacobsstrate bij Arie Desmet & zoon." Manuscript in pen, 22 lvs., w. 21 drawings in black crayon (1x double-p., 9x also with use of col. crayon), orig. threadbound wr. w. mounted drawing in black crayon on frontwr., folio. -

verkocht € 120.00
kavel: 287
[France] Illuminated manuscript diploma of the university of Valence
-Valence, 5 September 1613 ("quinta mensis Septembris Anno Dnj millesimo sexcetesimo decimo tertio"), sheet size 36 x 50.5 cm, manuscript in pen drafted by the royal and delphinal notary Balthazar Delandes and signed in pen by him, with fine gouache border and the name "Petrus Andreas de Leberon" (Pierre-Andre? Gelas de Leberon, Bishop of Valence and Die, in whose name the diploma was granted), with the name of the student "E.D. Balthazar Iornet" and several names of the sponsoring and co-sponsoring professors for the diploma in gold.-

verkocht € 550.00
kavel: 288
Manuscript recipe-booklet ca. 1820
-Small booklet with contributions in Dutch starting probably around 1820, 37 p., various hands, orig. wr., sm 8vo. -

verkocht € 340.00
kavel: 289
[World War I] Series of 29 letters in pen and ink
-Written by "uw aller liefhebbende Johan" [de Schmidt?] to "Lieve allemaal", "Lieve ouders, broers, zusjes en vrienden" etc. (in Sas van Gent), dated "Vlissingen, 23 Jan 1914" to "Vlissingen, 2 December 1916" and "Groningen 8 Feb. 1917" to "Groningen 15 Maart 1918" (also incl. undated letters without mentioning place), nearly all of them illustrated with nice, humorous drawings in pen, various sizes.-
€ 80 - € 160
kavel: 290
[Amsterdam. Tramways] Small archive on tram driver Gerrit Groenevelt (b. 1880)
-Archive containing 26 official documents, printed and filled-out in pen or typescript, dated 1908-1952.-
€ 70 - € 140
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