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220-251 Manuscripts


veiling / Auction 25 Session III. Children's books, Paper Toys, Manuscripts, Old Books, Prize Bindings, Amsterdam
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kavel: 220
[Calligraphy] Lot of 3 manuscript 19th-century notebooks
-(1) Notebook written in Nichtevecht (Nigtevecht), 1808. 50 p.; (2) Notebook by W.H. Hofstra, written in Hidard (Friesland), 1851. 40 p.; (3) Notebook by Jacob Slooten, West Grafdijk, 1853. Consisting of both calligraphic text and poetry. 80 p.-

verkocht € 80.00
kavel: 221
[Songs] Manuscript songbook
-"Verzameling van liederen". Collection of ± 100 p. with ± 35 songs such as "Ysvermaak!", "Le Troubadour" and "De Spinster", in both French and Dutch. Circa 1850. Orig. wrapper, 16 x 10 cm. Wrapper heavily worn, several pp. loose. Added: Volks-Liedjens, uitgegeven door de Maatschappij tot nu van 't algemeen. Amsterdam, Cornelis de Vries, Hendrik van Munster and Johannes van der Hey, 1794. 64, (1), 62, (2), 71, (1), 62, 67, (1) p. Halfcloth, 8vo. Binding sl. worn, title p. with tear, 4 pp. with stains of which 1 p. with dam. + the same, with ± 35 parts in 11 vols. Repertoire van Duitsche Opera-Teksten, all in 8vo, published at Van Nijgh en Ditmar, c. 1860-1880. Several front covers missing.-

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kavel: 222
[Songs etc.] 13 booklets: (1-7) Woltje and Jeltje Doekles Gerritzen
-(1846-1869 and 1848-1925). Seven booklets in small 8vo size, 32-44 p., mostly containing handwritten songs by the pious Frisian sisters Woltje (5x) and Jeltje (2x) Doekles Gerritzen, dated 1856-1874, all in various colourful original wrappers.-

verkocht € 120.00
kavel: 223
[Law. Middelburg] "Adversaria van verscheide vonnissen gewesen by den Ed. Achtbare
-gerechte der stad Middelburg" (title on spine). Manuscript in Dutch in a single, well legible hand, 2nd half 18th century, with around 400 p. of Middelburg jurisprudence, alphabetically ordered and with sources, and a number of blank leaves for new entries between the letters, beautifully bound in contemporary marbled calf, gilt and ribbed spine with morocco letterpiece, all edges marbled in blue, 4to size. -

verkocht € 1200.00
kavel: 224
[Amsterdam. Greidanus and Van Hecking Colenbrander families] Collection of ± 170 letters
-mostly in stamped addressed airmail envelopes (from Italy, Switzerland, India, Indonesia to Amsterdam/ Bussum, etc.), c. 1933-1940.-

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kavel: 225
[Alba amicorum etc.] Collection of 6 various volumes,
-all with handwritten, mainly English-language contributions, c. 1850-1920, various (mainly small) sizes and bindings.-

verkocht € 110.00
kavel: 226
[Geneva. Schérer/Scherrer family. Watchmakers] Family archive with additions,
-comprising ± 100 notarial, financial and government documents on paper dated 1758-1851, some with wax seals, mainly related to the Scherrer/Schérer family from Geneva, partly documents concerning watchmakers from Geneva.-

verkocht € 130.00
kavel: 227
[Belgium. Péruwelz, Frameries, Mons, etc.] Personal letter archive of Marie Quinet
-consisting of over 500 handwritten letters, by her family members living mainly in Péruwelz, Frameries, Seraing, Mons and Stavelot, but also in Brussels, Ghent, Liège, Leuven, Nederbrakel etc., dated 1868-1907, almost all addressed to "ma chère Marie" [Quinet] or variants thereof, many by "Votre tante Adeline" Jeanne Cornesse, Aimé Quinet ("ton mari et ami Aimée" on paper with blindstamp "Charles Quinet Nége en Vins Mons") and Maria Vincent, various sizes.-

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kavel: 228
[Judaica] Handwritten and handdrawn halachic poster
-Black and red ink on paper. Signed "G. Ad(?) Ekelo". Dordrecht, 1860. 72 x 53.5 cm. Depicts among other things the prophet Elija and seals of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. In good condition; ink has dried out in some places; margins with small tears.-

verkocht € 450.00
kavel: 229
[Calendar] Jewish-Christian conversion table, 19th-century
-Dutch and Hebrew. Ink on cardboard. 35 x 43 cm. No date, but the inaugurational ceremony of the Municipal University of Amsterdam in 1877 is mentioned. The document includes a conversion table for different calendars as well as a mathematical instruction for calculating important numerical values for both Judaism and Christianity. With a rotatating part for the days.-

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